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10 Responses to “Successful Subscription”

  1. Dian says:

    Is it possible to purcahse a copy and have it mailed to my address, since i am unable to navigate the internet as far as downloading. Thanks

  2. Eusebius says:

    I’m suffering from herpes how can i get hold of your product get rid of herpes as i read most of the people successful healed.

  3. junj says:

    I think i have herpies and im ashamed to ask anyone if it is so i kept it to myself for sometime now. it worries me thinking i cant get rid of it. Iv been researching alot on the internet to see what it is and lately iv been getting this red bumps on my legs…Iv read most of this comments and it seems liek this is a legit site…

  4. Donna says:

    Hi, I got the news i had herpes , when I was about to deliver my baby, since that the blisters have been worse, but my Question is, if my partner transmited that disease to me, how come he does not get any of what I get, like the burns and blisters?

  5. parameswaran says:

    hi, i had herpes from my girl friend , i am getting more pain and burning my genital areas , how can i rid to my body herpes do you have solution or medication ?

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