Post Herpetic Neuralgia

Nerve Pain as a result of the Herpes Virus

Neuralgia is a very painful condition that occurs in your nerve path.  Post herpetic neuralgia is most widely known for its relation to Shingles or the Varicella Zoster Virus.  This neuralgia results from the virus causing irritation of the neural pathways.   You will feel a burning or tingling sensation, shooting pains and even numbness.  People most feel these symptoms in their legs, thighs and buttocks area. Post Nerpetic Neuralgia

The pain can last for weeks and even months at a time.  Some people have reported only intermittent pain.  The long lasting pain has been found to be rare, but without more documented cases we are not sure how often this happens.  Herpes can also cause PHN or sciatica syndrome.  This is a pain in the back of the thigh that is most found in women just prior to menstruation.

What Can I do to Stop Post Herpetic Neuralgia?

Getting on the one minutes herpes cure program should be your first move.  But if you are dealing with the pain and need a buffer there are creams that can help with the pain.  Capsaicin which is made from chillie peppers can help stop the pain.  There are many studies showing that Capsaicin is a very effective treatment against the shingles virus.  You can also try Zostrix which was produced to help with and thus named after the Varicella Zoster Virus, the same virus that causes shingles and chicken pox.

If you do use one of these creams, make sure to rub it in gently or the pain will become worse.  Never apply the cream on a mucous membrane, and do not take a hot bath after applying the cream as this will just intensify the pain.  Always wash hands after applying the creams.

Like I have said many times here on my site, your lifestyle will greatly affect how you control herpes outbreaks.  There are triggers and you should be wary of them.  One trigger that some people have is coffee and other acidic, neuro stimulant food and beverages.   Try to get plenty of sleep and get involved in yoga or stretching exercises to keep your body healthy and oxygen rich.  Feeding your body the right foods and beverages along with exercise will help with your overall health and keep infections at bay.  Also try to increase your fatty acids and good oils, try to eat more fruits and vegetables that are high in anti-oxidants.  This will keep your body stronger and your overall health at its peek.

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