Living with Herpes

Living with herpes can be traumatic.  When outbreaks happen, and they seem to be at the worst times, which they normally do for reasons I will explain later, it just compounds the situation.  Each person will be affected differently, so you need to pick up on the factors that affect you most.   There are certain things you can do to control your outbreaks.  These consist of diet, your lifestyle and the environment.  These three factors will influence how many outbreaks you have, how bad they are and how long they will last.

There are three main areas to consider, keeping physically fit, dealing with the environment, and staying stress free.

Keeping your Immune System Strong and your Body Healthy

Keeping you immune system strong is a excellent way to stop outbreaks from happening in the first place.  Try to get plenty of exercise and sleep along with eating a healthy diet are all factors that will help with your overall health.  Herpes is triggered by a weak immune system, so applying these tips should help you stay outbreak free.

Everyone should follow a beneficial diet, not just people with the herpes virus.  A diet rich in fresh, whole foods such as vegetables and fruits is a great way to start.  When sleeping try to keep a consistent pattern, your body will be react much better.  Try to lay off alcohol, caffeine and smoking.  Yoga has been shown to help also, but any exercise will keep your body healthier.

You may have noticed your outbreaks happening when you are sick with a cold or flu.  Getting a cold usually happens to all us at least once a year.  To avoid the flu you can take flu shots, but the basic points that need to be addressed are just taking care of yourself.  Consume plenty of water, eat foods with high anti-oxidant content and wash your hands often.  Vitamin C and zinc have also been known to help with holding off colds.

  living with herpes

Eating as healthy as possible will support your immune system and keep you healthy.  The feeling of knowing you are helping yourself also will be beneficial.  Stay away from foods that contain hydrogenated oil and trans fats.  They are not good for the body and create an unhealthy environment, which breeds disease.  Also foods that are fried, high in fat and sodium will not help your cause either.  If your food is green, then eat it.  Green foods like broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green beans, lettuce and peas are all great foods for a healthy body.

Emotional Health and a Positive Outlook on Life

The herpes virus can be a pain physically, but the stigma associated with it can be exhausting also.  If you are diagnosed with genital herpes, the shock can be overwhelming and life changing.  Dealing with the physical aspect of this virus is much less difficult than having to deal with the emotional side.  Feeling sad, angry, ashamed, fearful and hopeless can last weeks, or even  months.

The initial outbreak is always the worst, emotionally and physically.  Trying to stay positive is the hardest, but is the best course of action.  Many times individuals cut themselves off from society and just feel ashamed to be in public.  This is understandable, but can really hurt with the process of healing.  You need to reach out to close friends and relatives.  Maybe find a herpes specific group that can relate to what you are going through.

Staying stress free can be hard, but this tends to be when the outbreaks happen.   Have you ever had a big date or important function coming up and this is when your outbreak started?  This is because you were starting to stress, you body was going through changes that led to the outbreak.  Keeping yourself calm before these events is not easy, but you need to learn how to control your emotions to keep your outbreaks at bay.

Try to find time for yourself every day.  What simple pleasures do you have??  Taking a bath relieves stress, playing with your favorite pet.  Try going for a walk, working out, listen to some of your favorite music.  Even watch some funny movies or tv shows.  These are all great starters, I am sure you have some of your own.

Dealing with Environmental Factors

Another way to avoid herpes outbreaks is to avoid overexposure to the sun.  If you have to be out in the sun for long periods, apply plenty of sun block.  Getting a bad sun burn will definitely lead to an outbreak as the body will be broken down physically.  If the body has to deal with your sunburn, the immune system will be depleted thus triggering an outbreak.

living with herpesTry to keep infected areas as clean and dry as possible.  Also do not irritate the area if possible, wear loose fitting clothes and avoid rough material.  Taking a bath in cool water several times a day will give you some relief from the pain, but be wary of using soap as it may irritate the area.  Try using a mild, baby soap.  If urinating has become painful, try drinking lots of water as this will dilute the ammonia in your urine.

Living with herpes does not have to be as life changing as most people think.  I felt the stigma everyone else has felt, it was one of the most shocking things that has happened to me.  That is why I am glad I found Allison Freeman’s One Minute Herpes Cure.  It helped me to not only control my outbreaks, but my symptoms and outbreaks are gone.  I highly recommend it.

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