Dating with Herpes

Do you have oral or genital herpes?  Are you worried about telling your partner?  This can be a trying time, but you Dating with Herpeshave to remember that you are not alone.  Over 47 million people in the United States alone have the herpes virus.  Dating with herpes does not mean you cannot have a fun and healthy sex life.

Here are a few steps I have taken for dating with the herpes virus. 

You have to stop having intercourse on your first or second date.  You are going to have to build a relationship first, and get to know this person.  If you are serious, you should be doing this anyway.  This lets you gauge the person to see if they will stick around once you tell them the news.  If the person truly cares about you, they will want to investigate and do some research for themselves before they are going to have sex with you.  They will probably talk to doctors, look online, or even go to a herpes clinic to find out more about your herpes virus.  If they are going to all this trouble, they must see you as a special person, give them time and don’t rush them.

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When should you drop the bomb on them?  Try talking to them about it when you discuss safe sex.  If that conversation comes up, both of you are thinking about it.  Stay focused with a level head and things will work out.

Important: Read this first, as this will be the best news you could get for dating with herpes.  

Sometimes holding back the truth can be awful and tiring.  I would never wish this on anyone, but with close to 50 million people in the country already having herpes, maybe she/he has it too.   There are dating sites online just for people who have the herpes virus. Here is the most popular one I have found, give it a try.

Here are some tips to keep your partner safe when you are close.

  • Never have sex while you are broke out or you think you might be about to have a breakout.  Make sure all sores are completely healed before having any sex.
  • Always use a condom.  Make sure it is a fresh one that has not been exposed to the sun.
  • Herpes dating and living with herpes does not have to be embarrassing.  There are ways to fix this issue, Go here and Get Rid of Herpes today.

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