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  1. richard withey says:

    please help me iv paid for my copy but cant find it nor can i figure out how to open it please help me

  2. Cindy says:

    Does this program include supplements, or only lifestyle instructions? Is the diet challenging to maintain, or is it pretty practical, utilzing common kitchen ingredients? Just trying to get an idea of how much will-power, and/or groceries/supplements it takes.

  3. Joshua says:

    Hello Dr.Randi, I am 25 years old I had last year I had one protitute performed oral sex on me with protection , I have herpes blistera on my penis head , but now the blisters and pimples are all over my body , I want to know its the HVS2 which is spread to other parts of my body or its herpes zoaster or chicken pox. Thanks and regards.

    • Randi Heick says:

      More than likely you have Hvs2. You need to be careful, as the blisters break the fluid will spread, and infect other areas of your body. Make sure not to get it in your eyes or mouth. Take baths with epson salts to help dry out the blisters.

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